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The KnowledgeFlow Cyber Hub™ is your organization’s single source for privacy, security and compliance management. Use it wisely.

Knowledgeflow Cyber Hub

Cybersecurity management for Nonprofits

KnowledgeFlow’s Cyber Hub™ helps nonprofits to manage privacy, security and cybersafety efforts from a single pane of glass.

Knowledgeflow cyber hub

Collaborative cyber activities:
distributed risk management for nonprofits

Comprehensive, Systematic, Cost Effective Privacy and Incident Planning Platform, Privacy Impact Assessment,
Data Room Access and Incident Register for continuous, achievable and streamlined nonprofit risk management.

cybersafety MANAGEMENT FOR nonprofits

management edition

Nonprofit organizations can now take control of risk and cybersecurity operations by using the Cyber Hub™ as an integrated planning, management and sharing solution.

Cyber Hub™ is at once a library of accessible, on-demand resources and a single interface for reaching the certified professionals trusted by modern nonprofits to help with risk management challenges.

nonprofit risk MANAGEMENT AT SCALE

consultant edition

Are you a trusted cybersecurity advisor or privacy consultant specializing in the nonprofit sector? Drive change and build trust by becoming a Risk Management Provider (RMP™) for Nonprofits.

Using the Knowledgeflow Cyber Hub™, consultants that choose the RMP™ route offer transformative value to NPO clients and build lasting trust by making risk manageable.

cyber hub ecosystem

growth of the Knowledgeflow cyber hub

Knowledgeflow makes the best feedback and resources available to all subscribers, making the Cyber Hub™ the world’s only dynamic tool for accessing valuable nonprofit governance, risk and compliance materials.